X7 Design X7 GTO Vision

The Ferrari X7 GTO Vision Is a One-Off Inspired by the 288 GTO Crafted by X7 Designs

A Special Car Based on the 488 GTB

Do you want a bespoke Ferrari? The only way you’re going to get a special one-off Ferrari is if you’re one of the company’s most loyal customers and are willing to wait five years to get your car. Recently the car you see here was revealed. It’s called the Ferrari X7 GTO Vision. It was built by X7 Design (a British company) and used the 488 GTB as the basis for the model, according to Motor Authority.

For some, this would be a sacrilege. It would be a terrible thing to alter a 488 GTB in this way, but if you want a one-off Ferrari and are pretty far down on Ferrari’s list for a special model, this kind of creation might be right up your alley. It helps that it looks absolutely stunning.

This is just a proof of concept car. It is not for sale. However, X7 Design will build you one for about $2 million. That’s a lot of money for not a Ferrari. Also, you have to provide the 488 GTB to use, so the actual price is much higher. What you get are a unique design and bespoke bodywork. 

The company is currently working on a track version of the car. Also, the company can do similar custom designs for other supercars as well. You’re not just limited to Ferrari, which means we’ll likely be seeing more of these special creations in the future.