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The Ford GT LM, the final Special Edition

Ford is apparently building one final special edition version of the current generation of the Ford GT road car, the Ford GT LM Edition, as an homage to the 2016 win at the famous Le Mans endurance race, deliveries will already start this fall while production of the Ford GT will be concluded by the end of 2022. The Ford GT LM Edition will come with bespoke design details, either red or blue-tinted carbon fiber, with a color-coded driver’s seat on the interior, while the passenger seat will stay black.

“With innovative materials, design and engineering, the Ford GT is unlike any other production supercar,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “As we close this chapter of the road-going Ford GT, the GT LM Edition gave us a chance to inject even more heart and soul from a podium-finishing racecar, furthering the tribute to our 2016 Le Mans win.”

Ford plans to build just 20 units in this GT LM series during this final year of Ford GT production, making this an instant collectible for sure, just like any of the current Ford GT models, this is another very exclusive car made in the United States of America. The exterior of the Ford GT LM will be finished in a beautiful Liquid Silver with a red or a blue livery in honor of the red and blue race livery of the Le Mans winning No. 68 Ford GT.

To really make a statement and create a unique look, clients can opt for exposed red or blue-tinted carbon fiber on the lower aerodynamics of this supercar, including the ultra-lightweight front splitter, side sills, and door sills, but also for the engine bay louvers, the mirror stalks, and last but not least, the large rear diffuser, to complete the exterior carbon fiber package, exposed gloss carbon fiber 20-inch wheels with corresponding red or blue inner-barrel accents are fitted, together with lightweight but strong titanium lug nuts, the legendary Brembo® brake calipers will receive a black finish to keep the look as clean as possible and not distract from the tinted carbon fiber parts.

The absolutely breathtaking 3D titanium-printed dual-exhaust is unique to the Ford GT LM edition, featuring a cyclonic design on the inside of the tips, hinting at the twin-turbo 660 horsepower EcoBoost® engine, a nice touch is the 3D printed titanium GT LM badge above this exhaust.

The interior is where things really get interesting, making the new Ford GT LM Edition a very driver-focused car with an asymmetric finish between the two seats, the Alcantara®-wrapped, lightweight carbon fiber seats come in two different shades, the passenger sits in a stylish Ebony upholstery, while the driver’s seat depends on the exterior livery, the Alcantara® comes in a matching red or blue seat, note that the contrasting stitching seen on the passenger seat matches the color on the driver’s seat, a detail that is also taken onto the engine start button. The instrument panel is wrapped in Ebony leather and Alcantara, while pillars and headliner are wrapped in Ebony Alcantara. Carbon fiber carries into the cabin, appearing on the console, vent registers, and lower A-pillars with a matte finish.

Making the Ford GT LM Edition a special final tribute, the Ford Performance team looked for ways to embed the Le Mans podium-finishing spirit into each road car. The result: the team located the third-place 2016 Ford GT (No. 69) racecar’s engine that was disassembled and shelved after the race, ground down the crankshaft into a powder, and developed a unique bespoke alloy used to 3D print the instrument panel badge for each of the 20 special-edition supercars.