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The Koenig Specials 1,000 hp custom Ferrari Testarossa from the Eighties

Back in the Eighties, there were some rather special tuners out there that would create something truly insane, based on a supercar, they would ‘improve’ the car to some serious levels, probably one of the best-known back in those days was Willy Koenig in Germany, and more specifically their very wild and extreme Koenig Specials based on cars from Maranello, like this 1987 twin-turbo Testarossa that packs 1,000 hp, yes, you are reading that correctly, nearly 40 years ago you could have a Ferrari with almost as much power as the current SF90, but I doubt you would get any warranty from the factory in Italy on this one.

The official name of this red car is the Koenig Turbo Evolution, and it is just completely modified compared to the original Ferrari Testarossa, not only has Koenig added some massive rear wings, and a deep front spoiler and widened the bodywork, but the entire interior has been customized, in this case in matching red leather to complement the exterior and get this, Koenig even offered a convertible version of this car too, in total Koenig built 21 units of the Turbo Evolution, at US$ 595,000 back in 1987 (that would be $1,300,000 in today’s money), and to be honest, it does remind me of the Ferrari F40 styling.

So what is it like to drive a 1987 1,000-hp Koenig Turbo Evolution? Just take a look at the video below from TheSmokingTire on YouTube: