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The LaFerrari Successor Might Have Less Power than the SF90 Stradale

A Focus on Aerodynamics and Low Weight

Ferrari plans to make 15 new models by 2022, and that is coming up pretty quickly. One of the vehicles it plans to put out is a successor to the LaFerrari hybrid supercar. The successor to that car was discussed in an interview that Auto Express did with Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s chief marketing officer.

In that interview, Galliera told the publication that the LaFerrari Successor might have less power than the SF90 Stradale. The focus of the new car will be on aerodynamics, weight, and handling. One of the criticisms of many modern hypercars and supercars, especially those with hybrid powertrains is that they are very heavy vehicles. This shift in focus from massive amounts of power towards a lighter and more aerodynamic car could be a favorable one. 

Galliera didn’t give specifics. That’s probably because he doesn’t know them. The car is still under development, and it’s doubtful that Ferrari has solidified everything with this new model. The car company will also come out with a whole bunch of other new models, including the Purosangue, Ferrari’s first SUV.

It will be interesting to see if all of this focus on new models will hurt the company’s brand reputation. Exclusivity is important for a luxury brand, and the more models Ferrari makes, the less exclusive its vehicles become.