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Lister Knobbly
Image from Lister

The Lister Knobbly Sports Car Looks Absolutely Amazing

What We Were Hoping For

The original Lister Knobbly sports car from the 1950s were serious racing machines of the time. Their prowess on the racetrack was known internationally. Now the company has a new Knobbly. A teaser was released on Twitter and now we have an even better shot of the new car.

Lister did the old one justice, giving the new car some sensuous curves and a large mouth not unlike the original car. Is it as beautiful as the Knobbly’s of old? No, but it’s pretty close. For a modern car, it does a good job of translating that unique 1950s racecar style.

This new shot in conjunction with the image Tweeted out by the company’s boss sent out previously gives us a pretty good idea of what the new Lister will be. It’s a low-slung speedster with a hood that goes on for days. It’s a unique and absolutely gorgeous car.

The vehicle, like the Ferrari Monza SP, has an open cockpit with a tiny windscreen and side mirrors. It’s a throwback and a big move forward all at once. The company released the new image and confirmed officially that the car will be built. However, there’s not much known about the vehicle in terms of engine or performance. Speculation is that it will come with a Jaguar-derived engine, either a V6 or V8. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Jaguar’s 5.0-liter supercharged V8.