Lotus Type 130

The Lotus Type 130 Hypercar Will be Mind Blowing According to CEO

We Hope Lotus Is Right

Lotus has an upcoming all-electric hypercar called the Type 130. It’s a car that could transform the brand and make Lotus into the car company it wants to and deserves to become. It will debut in the middle of the year. Car Magazine recently reported that the boss of Lotus, Phil Popham, told reporters the car would be fantastic. His exact words were, “a mind-blowing hypercar, designed, engineered and built in the UK.”

That’s some seriously high praise, and we hope for the sake of Popham’s reputation that he’s right. Plus, a mind-blowing car from Lotus just sounds cool. Popham went on and said he wants to re-establish Lotus with this vehicle. He then said:

We’re very much focused on rebuilding the sports car business. When we’ve done that this brand has the strength to go beyond that. It could be GTs, crossovers, sporting sedans… the premium segment is large beyond sports cars. We have to produce cars that are loyal to our DNA.

This is all very good news. Lotus has made some of history’s best sports cars ever, and to see the company working to expand as it currently wants to gives us hope for the future. Popham said the company will focus not just on the product but on the experience of electric cars.

He hinted at future cars being autonomous and sounded like he wanted to position Lotus as a car company that sells cars for people who really want to drive. This is an interesting distinction. Popham seems to think there will be two areas of the market, one where the machines drive themselves and one for enthusiasts and people who love to drive. We can’t say we disagree with him. Lotus could have a bright future ahead of it.