The McLaren Concept E-Zero Is Gorgeous and Possibly the Future


Right Out of Our Dreams

The automotive industry is going through a pretty serious transition right now. Electric cars are becoming viable options and high-performance monsters. McLaren is one of the many companies looking to the future. There are reports that the company is working on a new electric supercar. Daniel Platek crafted a rendering that imagines what that car could look like. 

Pulling inspiration from the McLaren M6GT, Platek has crafted one of the most beautifully rendered cars we’ve seen in a while. The key to the design is the all-glass canopy over the cabin. This no doubt would give the car a supremely open-air feeling unlike any other car out there. It’s a novel idea. Many modern cars have glass panoramic roofs, but this takes the idea to a whole new level. 

Platek did a good job of incorporating McLaren’s styling cues. The curves, creases, vents, and cutaways all look right. When we first saw pictures of this car, it was clear to us that McLaren very well could build something like this in the future. It’s elegant and attractive. Modern and sophisticated. We hope McLaren is paying attention.