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McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail Hits 250 mph in Testing

The Speedtail Lives up to its Name

McLaren confirmed to the media that the Speedtail hit 250 mph many times at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The McLaren F1 did nearly the same a couple of decades ago. The McLaren Speedtail is McLaren’s fastest road car. The vehicle is still in testing phases, but it shows a lot of promise and will be one of the wildest machines. 

According to Fox News, the Speedtail hit the 250 mph mark more than 30 times, showing that the car can go extremely fast and not be overly stressed doing so. Behind the wheel at the Kennedy Space Center in the Speedtail was Indianapolis 500 winner Kenny Brack. If there’s one man who’s ready to go 250 mph, it’s him. The runway at the center is 3.5 miles, so the Speedtail had plenty of time to stretch its legs and really open up. 

The Speedtail features a hybrid powertrain. That powertrain is made up of 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 that’s then paired with an electric motor. Combined, the engine and electric motor put out 1,055 hp. The vehicle features a sleek aerodynamic design, a unique three-person seating arrangement with the driver in the middle, and four touchscreens inside the car. The vehicle is a major move forward for McLaren and one of the most impressive vehicles out there. The company will make only 106 of them. Each will go for $2.1 million.