The McLaren Ultimate Series Speedster Is Absolutely Gorgeous

McLaren speedster

Open Top Motoring Rarely Looks This Good

We reported on the fact that McLaren was working on a speedster model to join its Ultimate Series of cars, and now we have an official image. The car looks absolutely amazing. The sleek two-seat model has yet to earn a name. The folks at McLaren haven’t given it one just yet, but all you need to know is it’s a speedster. 

The car is focused on and designed for on-road use. With that said, it would do just fine on a racetrack, just like any of the other Ultimate Series cars from the company. McLaren plans only to build 399 versions of the car. It will be priced somewhere between $1 million and $2.25 million, according to Motor Authority

The new speedster model blends McLaren’s current styling and design elements with classic speedster proportions. The end result is a handsome machine. The engine will be the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. With that engine installed, you can expect 789 hp.

With few other speedsters out there, and the low volume production number McLaren should have no problem selling the speedster. Ferrari and Porsche are the other high-end automakers with speedsters at the moment. We wouldn’t mind seeing more models come out at a later date from other automakers, though.