The most powerful BMW M is the four-door, four-seat M5 CS

We all love those BMW M models, from the smallest, right up to the largest, they are all masterpieces of German Engineering, and the CS models mark the most sporty of them all, with bespoke, lightweight modifications to create the ultimate M-series version … now BMW took the already impressive M5 to the next level … the BMW M5 CS limited run, exclusive special-edition. To be launched in the spring of 2021 in Germany at a base price of €180,400.

The new BMW M5 CS will come with the most powerful engine of any M-Series model in history, 635 hp, which is a 10 hp increase over the BMW M5 Competition … this is really supercar territory, in a four-door sedan. To put that into perspective, the amazing 2021 Audi RS6 comes with 591 hp, the 2021 Mercedes E63S AMG packs 603 hp … even a Bentley Flying Spur with her 6-Liter engine only has 626 hp … so this new BMW M5 CS beats them all.

In fact, this new BMW M5 CS even narrowly beats the V10, 630 hp Lamborghini Huracán EVO, and this German comes with two more seats and decent luggage space! Yes, you are reading that correctly, the BMW M5 CS is a four-door sedan, with four seats, unlike the regular M5 or the M5 Competition which are technically five-seat models. The BMW M5 CS ditches the rear seats of these ‘lesser’ models and replaces it with a pair of body-hugging sport buckets .. and they match the absolutely stunning, carbon fiber front seats perfectly.

The leather used on the interior of the BMW M5 CS is a fine-grain Merino, on the press release car finished in black with Mugello Red contrast sections and stitching. Naturally an illuminated M5 logo is displayed on the backrest of the front seats, but probably the most attention to detail is that embossed outline of the famous Nürburgring track on all four headrests.

The BMW M5 CS also went on a diet … loosing 70 kg compared to the M5 Competition, the M5 CS comes with a bespoke chassis tuning and custom M xDrive setup. The engine cover on the M5 CS is made from CRFP and includes exclusive air vents, the front splitter, the mirror covers, the special rear wing, the rear diffuser … all made from CRFP too … even the roof shows exposed carbon fiber on this car. For the CS version, BMW even changed the exhaust tips, and yes, there are still four of them.

The BMW M5 CS comes with bespoke Goldbronze details, like the typical BMW kidney surround, the “M5 CS” badges at the front and the rear, the air vents on the fenders, and the 20-inch M Forged Y-spoke wheels … all finished in this special shade of gold for CS only. The BMW M5 CS comes standard with BMW Laserlight, and just to match the Goldbronze details, the L-shapes running lights are switching to yellow when low or high beam is activated, just to set this car apart from the other M5 models.

The body of the BMW M5 CS can be finished in some special shades too, like Brands Hatch Grey metallic for instance, or a more distinctive matt paint from the BMW Individual option list, Frozen Brands Hatch Grey metallic or an absolutely stunning Frozen Deep Green metallic as seen on the photos of the M5 CS in this article.

Going back to the interior, the steering wheel comes in Alcantara with a bright red ring at the top, behind it you’ll find a pair of shifting paddles made from carbon fiber, while black Alcantara is also used for the headliner, note that there is no more storage under the arm rest on the central console … on the M5 CS this is a fixed arm rest … all in the name of weight reduction.

Naturally the seat belts come with the M style red and blue stitching, while re CS badges can be found on multiple places inside the BMW M5 CS cockpit, even the floor mats come with M5 badges, most of the stitching on the interior is finished in double line red …

And let’s talk about driving the BMW M5 CS, 635 hp might sound a bit frightening at first glance, but this special-edition model comes with it’s bespoke M xDrive all-wheel-drive mode … only for those fearless drivers that really insist, you can get those special track tires to really come loose when you go into 2WD mode without DSC help.

For the BMW M5 CS the engineers went back to work on the already impressive suspension of the M5 Competition, adding dampers developed for the M8 Gran Coupé, modified springs and anti-roll bars … the M5 CS offers an 7 mm lowered ride height. The BMW M specialists have retuned the bearing springs at the front and rear axle of the BMW M5 CS and also refined damper control.

The wheels for this limited-edition BMW M5 CS are 9.5×20 at the front with 275/35R20 Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, for the rear axle BMW went with 10.5×20 with 285/35R30 tires, naturally only a set of M Carbon ceramic disk brakes would match this much power, these brakes are 23 kg lighter than the M Compound brakes on the M5 Competition, and car be finished in either red, or optionally in gold to match the wheels.

With the reduction in weight compared to the BMW M5 Competition, and the slight increase in power, it is no surprise the CS evolution beats the M5 Competition in acceleration, 0 to 100 km/h takes only 3 seconds (compared to 3.3 sec for the M5 Competition), reaching 200 km/h is achieved in a mere 10. seconds (the M5 Competition needs 0.5 seconds more) … BMW did limit the top speed of this M5 CS to 305 km/h (189 mph).