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The Novitec 812 N-Largo S – just three units worldwide

The NOVITEC N-LARGO S commemorates the departure of the Ferrari 812 Superfast with a special edition limited to three vehicles worldwide. All cars of this edition are already sold. The bodywork components for this special edition are made from lightweight yet high-strength carbon and underwent a sophisticated update. The wider front fenders and the flares at the rear axle add 14 centimeters to the width of the two-seater compared with the production car. In concert with the new rocker panels, they optimize the car’s aerodynamics. The rear end was also redesigned and features a seamlessly integrated rear spoiler in a particularly striking and aerodynamically efficient ducktail design.
The alloy wheels were also restyled in cooperation with Vossen. They feature five twin spokes and are produced using state-of-the-art forging technology. With diameters of 21 inches on the front axle and 22 inches at the rear, they emphasize the wedge shape of this high-end sports car.

NOVITEC also modified the 6.5-liter V12. It now produces an additional 40 horsepower and pushes the N-LARGO S from rest to 100 km/h in a mere 2.8 seconds. The top speed increases to 345 km/h.
In addition, NOVITEC will optionally tailor the cockpit to the wishes of the N-LARGO S owner in every detail. Most road users will see this super sports car predominantly from the rear and that perspective is particularly spectacular. Measuring an impressive 211 centimeters in width at the rear axle, the NOVITEC N-LARGO S surpasses a stock 812 Superfast by exactly 14 centimeters.

Designer Vittorio Strosek once more worked his magic on the widebody version for the last three powerful examples of this model modified at the NOVITEC Manufaktur in southern Germany. He gave the fender flares, which seamlessly blend with the production bodywork, an even more distinctive profile. The larger front and rear wheel arches offer space for the newly designed NOVITEC NF 11 N-LARGO S wheels, which were custom-developed for this widebody version by American rim manufacturer Vossen. Their elegant design featuring five twin spokes receding into the edge is realized using high-end forging technology and state-of-the-art CNC machining centers. This results in a perfect combination of lightweight construction and maximum strength. The extremely concave wheel spiders of the two rear-axle rims of size 12.5Jx22 are a real visual treat. They carry high-performance tires of size 335/25 ZR 22.

The likewise newly designed naked-carbon rocker panels tie the rear flares and the front N-LARGO S fenders together in an aerodynamically optimal way. They replace the production components in their entirety and add seven centimeters to the width of the two-door car at the front axle compared with the base car. In order to achieve a markedly wedge-shaped appearance, the front axle uses 21-inch wheels with a width of ten inches. NOVITEC chose tires of size 275/30 ZR 21 as the optimal complement.

The N-LARGO S fasciae and spoilers of the NOVITEC special model play a key role, both visually and in terms of aerodynamics. The new front fascia, which replaces the entire production component and is tailored precisely to the wider fenders, as well as the centrally positioned naked-carbon front spoiler give the two-seater an aggressive look from the front: What is more: their shapes optimized in the wind tunnel reduce aerodynamic front-axle lift, which further optimizes the directional stability at high speeds.

The new N-LARGO S ducktail rear spoiler was designed to act as their aerodynamically efficient counterpart. Thanks to the naked-carbon lip spoiler on the roof, it is perfectly positioned in the airflow and consequently produces significantly more downforce. The combination of the diffuser and N-LARGO S rear fascia also blends design and function in all optimal ways. NOVITEC’s great love of detail is likewise evident in the N-LARGO S surrounds for the air outlets on the left and right side of the hood, as well as in the naked carbon covers for the wing mirrors.

To round off the thrilling appearance of the ultimate NOVITEC edition based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast and further enhance the driving dynamics, NOVITEC installs custom sports springs to lower the ride height of the car by about 35 millimeters. The optional front-lift system at the front axle makes it easier to navigate steep parking garage ramps and speed bumps and do so without making contact with the ground. The hydraulic height adjustment system raises the front axle by about 40 millimeters at the touch of a button. The vehicle reverts to the original position at another touch of the button or automatically upon reaching a speed of 80 km/h.

The NOVITEC engineers further sharpen the sports car in terms of performance as well. To this end, they upgraded the 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder, four-valve engine with modified engine electronics. With new maps for ignition and injection, the engine produces 40 horsepower more than in stock configuration. With an output of 618 kW / 840 hp at 8,750 rpm and a peak torque of 751 Nm, the N-LARGO S delivers outstanding performance on the road: The limited-edition model shoots from rest to 100 km/h in a mere 2.8 seconds. The top speed increases to 345 km/h.

The NOVITEC high-performance quad exhaust system is available with or without actively controlled butterfly valves and offers a material choice of stainless steel or INCONEL. It not only plays a part in the performance increase but also produces a V12 exhaust note that fully lives up to the spectacular looks of this sports car. Depending on the chosen variant, it also offers weight savings of up to eleven kilograms.

In addition, NOVITEC offers exclusive individuality in its purest form for the cockpit. The interior can be tailored to the personal wishes of the vehicle owner with appointments crafted with the highest precision from the finest leather and Alcantara.