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The Rimac Nevera conquers London

For the first time outside of Croatia, the Nevera entered London in complete silence.

We’ve only just announced the remarkable joint venture between Rimac Automobili and Bugatti Automobiles a few days ago, and now we have a brand new milestone for the Rimac brand … for the first time in history the Rimac Nevera left her home country, Croatia, and came to the UK, conquering London in complete silence, the 1,914 hp all-electric hypercar has no problem entering the Ultra Low Emissions Zone in the UK’s capital.

The first trip outside of Croatia for this amazing hypercar of the future was toward the only official UK dealership for Rimac Automobili, renowned H.R.Owen, a household name among luxury motorcars, being the leading dealer group combining makes like Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, BAC, Puritalia, and now also Rimac, with the H.R.Owen flagship dealership located in Mayfair since 1927 … they have a total of six showrooms in London alone, with five more in other counties.

It isn’t a coincidence the arrival of the limited edition Rimac Nevera, only 150 units will be built for the entire world, happens days before the Goodwood Festival of Speed opens its doors for the long-awaited 2021 edition, the Nevera will surely make an appearance at that famous show, perhaps even take a stint at the hill climb, possibly even setting some records keeping in mind it takes only 9.3 seconds to reach 300 km/h behind the wheel of this hypercar, a time most family saloons take to reach 100 km/h.

London is also the first stop for the Rimac Nevera, after that she’ll go to Goodwood for the Festival of Speed, but once that’s completed the Nevera will go on an epic global trip to make over 20 stops in the upcoming 8 months, while she travels throughout Europe before heading to Asia and later the United States to visit the worldwide Rimac dealer network and make an appearance at some of the most renowned events so people can see this amazing hypercar in real life.

Ken Choo, H.R. Owen CEO, said: “Since meeting Mate Rimac and the whole Rimac Automobili team two years ago, we have believed wholeheartedly in their vision. To finally now see the culmination of years of development, with the Nevera finally in our showroom and on the streets of London, is a very special moment. Led by the Group Chairman of Berjaya Corp Berhad, Vincent Tan, H.R. Owen has built a reputation for extraordinary attention-to-detail in customer service, just as Rimac has perfected every small detail on the Nevera. It’s the foundation for a great partnership between our brands.”

We already know the name Nevera is taken from a typical storm in Croatia, very powerful and charged by lightning … when the storm hits it will be with exceptional speed and potency, something the Rimac Nevera mimics perfectly … this hypercar can change from a comfortable Gran Tourer cruising with ease into a fierce performance machine on four wheels … in the blink of an eye. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing the Rimac Nevera in real life during one of the stops she’ll make.