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The TechArt GT Street R

Shmee150 gets an exclusive test drive in a Prototype 992 Turbo S by TechArt

Just in case the 650 hp from the factory standard Porsche 992 Turbo S won’t be enough for you, you can always turn to TechArt in Germany to ‘tune’ the car a bit further … or a lot further when it comes to the new TechArt GT Street R, not only does power go up to an impressive 800 hp, but TechArt also installs a very aggressively styled aerodynamic package for outside looks, and a completely bespoke interior.

Styling for the TechArt GT Street R was inspired by the 992 GT3 for the front hood, massively widened fenders with integrated air vents, and naturally, a big rear wing, which in this case is a ‘multi-layered design. If that isn’t impressive enough, check out the center-lock wheels … the TechArt ones come with removable aero rings.

Famous automotive youtube star was invited by TechArt to take a look at the TechArt prototype for their upcoming GT Street R, check out his impression of this beautifully aggressive Porsche Turbo S in the video below:

The first units of the TechArt GT Street R are already spoken for I guess, but there is nothing keeping you from getting on the list for one of these amazing cars, as long as your bank account can support your order …