The Upcoming Ferrari With Nearly 1,000 HP Was Spotted Testing

Ferrari Hybrid spotted

Heavily Cloaked But Definitely It

With Ferrari’s new hybrid, range-topping car’s debut looming, a video of what appears to be the car surfaced recently on Instagram. The Instagram user 9000lambo was sitting in the passenger seat when he had his friend, who was driving a 488 Spider, when they spotted the new Ferrari testing. 

The men get close to the car and the driver notices them filming. The Ferrari out for the test drive tries to lose the pursuers by pulling into a parking lot. A low-speed chase ensues before the men in the 488 Spider decide to let the Ferrari tester get away. 

The video below shows the encounter. The car in the video is heavily cloaked, and you honestly can’t see that much. However, you can tell the car is unlike others in Ferrari’s lineup. The lights are different and the car has a new shape with large exhausts that exit at the rear. We can’t wait to see it when Ferrari debuts it at the end of the month. In the video, one of the men says, “The front lights are different, right?.” The other says, “Everything is different.”

You can watch the entire encounter below. Before you do, note that there is some adult language used. The two men in the 488 Spider giggle like school girls at their luck. We get it. We would be doing the same if we just happened to see this car out and about.