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These Three Modern Classics Are Naturally Aspirated Heroes

In the current automotive landscape, turbocharging has emerged as a prevailing trend, offering an effective means to boost power and torque while achieving fuel efficiency. The prevalence of turbocharging has, in part, been driven by stringent legislations and emission tests that pose challenges for naturally aspirated (NA) engines.

Which brings us to some questions: are we approaching that point where NA engines will become a rarity in our cars, or have we already crossed that threshold?

This is the case of this video from Supercar Driver on YouTube which puts the spotlight on three modern classics which are all equipped with naturally-aspirated engines: a Porsche 997 GT3 RS, a Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series, and a Ferrari 458.

The video explores the current state of NA engines and prompts viewers to consider when, or if, these engines will become relics of the past in the automotive world. Be sure to watch this video and share your thoughts on naturally-aspirated engines.