Ferrari’s New Hybrid Supercar

Ferrari has been teasing its new SF90 Stradale hybrid supercar for a little while now, and earlier today it released the car’s information and images. It’s a stunning new hybrid supercar that offers 989 hp from a plug-in hybrid powertrain. It features a plug-in hybrid setup that utilizes a turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 paired to three electric motors. 

Two of those electric motors are mounted on the front axle and one is mounted between the engine and the gearbox. This setup with the V8 and electric motors makes the Ferrari good for a 2.5-second 0-60 mph time. The powertrain is the most powerful of any Ferrari and puts the SF90 Stradale atop the Ferrari lineup. 

The car also features an all-new chassis made of carbon fiber and aluminum. The sleek body panels and its aerodynamic shape help the model make a whopping 860 pounds of downforce at speed, and the whole profile of the car is extremely low so it can slash through the air at high speeds. It has a two-piece rear wing that comes from the company’s work in F1 racing.

While the SF90 Stradale features many firsts for the company, it’s not all new ideas. The car looks like a Ferrari and even has a flying buttress and a split glass area at the rear. The rectangular-shaped taillights and the dual exhaust ane absolutely gorgeous. At the front, you have a low nose and some interestingly shaped headlights that are new for the brand. 

Inside the car, there’s a 16-inch fully digital HD screen and a driver’ focused cabin. The leather, Alcantara and other materials look unparalleled, and we actually like the fact that it’s not all carbon fibered out on the inside. It’s an attractive, modern, but simple interior built for the driver, and it’s as good looking as the exterior.