Tokyo Auto Salon

With Tokyo Auto Salon’s opening day now over, we have some of the first tuned supercars of 2010 to present. Among them is the Tommy Kaira-prepared Nissan GTR which has an outrageous bodykit and minor performance upgrades. They also brought out a pair of Subarus and this Insight ‘RR’.

Toyota is said to have saved the show in Mugen’s absence. They launched a new brand called G’s which stands for G Sports. Among the three prototypes displayed, the Toyota FT-86 G Sports is the best. They also released the IS-F CCS Concept. Although incorrectly attributed to Toyota by both Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend, this GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept isn’t an official factory car. Instead, it’s a private effort that shoehorns Toyota’s hybrid drive line in the MR2.

We finish with the Gemballa MIG-U1 which wasn’t at the show, but would fit right in the the many overly-exuberant cars. If anyone has images from the Tokyo Auto Salon, please contact us.