Tokyo Preview #1

With the bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show less than one month away, now is a good time to look ahead. The most anticipated supercar launch is Lexus’ LF-A which will hopefully appear in production form. In 2007, the Nissan GTR filled this spot and interest in it hasn’t subsided since.

This year will undoubtedly be saturated by alternative propulsion systems by all the major Japanese brands. Due to battery power constraints many of these will be compact but we expect to see progress on some larger mid-size concepts as well.

Toyota will launch the FT-86 Concept, a small sports car that’s made in collaboration with Subaru. It’s a modern tribute to the classic AE86 Corolla, but features Subaru’s boxer engine. Honda’s response will be a preproduction version of the CR-Z.

We also have Subaru’s Hybrid Tourer Concept which adds new DNA into Subaru’s styling and huge gullwing doors. Alongside this will be a lightweight version of the Impreza called the Carbon edition. On the other end of the spectrum is Mazda’s 2009 Mazda Kiyora which showcases Mazda’s new SKY-G 1.3 direct-injection engine. Honda’s main concept will be the Skydeck, a concept car with both scissor and sliding doors.