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Porsche taycan top gear

Top Gear Gets to Do a Deep Dive of the Porsche Taycan

Jack Rix Takes a Closer Look

The Porsche Taycan just debuted. We watched the live stream and reported on the car and its reveal. The new Taycan is an important car for Porsche, and because of this the company wants to get as much coverage as possible. That’s why the company let Top Gear get its hands on one of the cars and shoot a detailed walkaround video of the car. Jack Rix is the man who does the video.

It’s clear that aerodynamics and efficiency are important for the car. Rix points to the smooth underbody of the car, the sleek exterior of the car, and the active rear spoiler. All of these things help the car achieve its impressive range numbers. 

Rix takes his time explaining the Taycan’s technology and power. He touches on all of the big things, and even discusses the name that Porsche chose to go with. He also points out the fact that Porsche did go with the name Taycan Turbo despite the fact that there is no turbocharger anywhere on the Taycan. 

Rix gets pretty granular with the walkaround after discussing the car’s specs and performance. He talks about everything from the headlights to the wheels, brakes, charging port, interior, seats, and more. Check out the full video below so you can watch Rix go into every little detail and see the Taycan up close and in all its glory.