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Top Gear Takes a Look at the Fastest Cars of Series 27

Wanna See Some Cool Cars?

Top Gear undoubtedly makes some of the best motoring content in the entire world. The show is an awesome display of storytelling, fast cars, and silliness. In one of the latest videos posted to the YouTube channel, you’ll see a compilation of the fastest cars of Series 27. 

Things kick off with the Tesla, then they go to the Lotus 79, then a McLaren and Ferrari faceoff, then the Dallara Stradale, and the video ends with the Toyota Supra.

The video showcases many of the best parts of the series. While Top Gear is really more than just a car show at this point, the best parts of the show are the car bits, and that’s exactly what this video gives the world. It takes all of the best car bits of Series 27 and rolls them into one fantastic video.

If you need to see some beautifully shot drag races, track drives, and sideways sliding sports cars and supercars on your Thursday, then this is the video for you. Check it out below.