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Up close with the Huayra R

A look at the 1/1 model of the new Pagani Huayra R

Horacio Pagani and his team are hard at work to put together the first customer car for their limited series Huayra R, the track-only version for the stunning Pagani Huayra, but for now, they only put together a 1 on 1 scale mockup vehicle so they can evaluate the modifications done from the 3D computer designed model, over at least two 1/5 scale models, into real-life proportions … no interior yet, and no engine fitted either, but this satin silver metallic Huayra R with the famous orange stripe just looks so impressive, even standing still inside a studio.

There will be 30 units of this stunning Pagani Huayra R available for clients, but these can only be used on a closed track, heavily inspired by one of Horatio’s favorite classic race cars, the Porsche 917, the design for the Huayra R has been radically modified from the regular street-legal version, in the end only very few parts are the same … rumor has it only the exterior rearview mirrors and some screws on the chassis are the same as those found on the streetcar, that’s impressive for a limited production run of only 30 units.

The new Pagani Huayra R will come with a new V12 engine too, codename ‘R’, this engine will be naturally aspirated instead of the turbocharged V12 found in the streetcar, but this beast will come with 850 hp and 750 Nm of torque, inside a car that comes with a dry weight of only 1,050 kg … imagine the acceleration this Huayra R will be capable of.

Because the Pagani Huayra R does not have to comply with legislation for road use, Horatio could go all-out when designing this car, but he did still restrict himself to FIA regulations for GT cars, might a career in racing be on the horizon for these cars? The Huayra R does come with its own, bespoke carbon-fiber monocoque, instead of adding a roll cage to the existing Huayra monocoque, Pagani just created a new one with an integrated roll-over cage.

Take a look at the video Shmee150 was allowed to make featuring this satin silver metallic 1/1 mockup for the Huayra R: