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Ferrari F40 Owner Interview

VIDEO: Awesome Ferrari F40 Driving Footage & Owner Interview

Best Ferrari F40 Driving Video

I stumbled on an F40 video this weekend and boy did it suck me in. Somebody in the Youtube comments said “Best film on the F40 I’ve ever seen” and I happen to agree with him.

What starts out looking like a simple interview with the owner of one of our favorite Ferrari models ever and then you see the in-car and driving footage and you hear the turbo-whoosh and you realize this video is something special. I

The guys at TheSUPERCARDRIVER sat down with the owner of a Ferrari F40 to talk to him about his machine. First of all it is a great interview and the owner John seems like a nice guy who really uses the car. He added 20k miles to it in the last decade and drives it all the time which we love to hear. It looks like John currently owns an independant Aston Martin dealership and from the video we know he has been in the car business a long time.

One day about a decade ago John decided to buy an F40. He went ahead and remortgaged his house and bought one, THEN he went home and told his wife. Kudos to that. I know my wife would probably not react well to me coming home with an F40 and the house remortgaged to pay for it.

Ten years later the price has skyrocketed and the F40 in question has 20k more miles. This video takes you through the purchase story, some cool things from an owners perspective and more importantly it is full of amazing driving footage. Inside the car, fly-bys and much more, some of the best video of an F40 in the wild.