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VIDEO: Chris Harris Discusses the New BMW M4 and M3 Touring

This Is What Gets Him Excited

Recently, it became known that BMW would build M3 and M4 Touring models. For those of you who don’t know that means they would be wagons, and they wouldn’t be boring wagons. Rather, they will be some of the most impressive wagons to come out in quite some time. 

Recently, Jack Rix and Chris Harris sat down to discuss the cars, and it’s clear that Harris is pretty darn excited for these cars. “They don’t make them very often, and when they do they tend to be quite flawed and very memorable, and I like that,” Harris said. 

He talks about how the car likely doesn’t make very good business sense, and when BMW touring cars that are quick have been made in the past, it’s something where the timing has just been horribly off.

“Now that BMW has a four-wheel-drive platform, then it makes a lot more sense for them,” Harris said. 

Harris and Rix also discuss wagons at large and why having a fast one is often so thrilling when having a fast SUV tends to be so uninspiring and often awful.

“There’s always been a naughty surprise to a really fast estate car,” Harris says. “This idea that something that is utilitarian and ordinary and shouts family is suddenly converted into being really fast.”