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Could a new Dino get a V6 hybrid?

VIDEO: Custom One Off Ferrari Dino Is A Naturally-Aspirated Screamer

Stop What You’re Doing Right Now! Watch & Listen to The Ultimate (One Off) Ferrari Dino

We love fanatic Ferrari car collectors and we love Petrolicious. Car collectors like David Lee buy, care for and actually drive amazing cars and want to share their world with us car fans. Petrolicious helps tell those stories and share those moments. That’s why when we saw that Petrolicious published a video of David Lee’s custom Dino it was going to be awesome.

It will take the real experts to see the visual differences. The wheels are a bit bigger than standard, the arches are more aggressive, the light covers are unique and there is a clear engine cover not seen on a regular Dino. Two seconds is all any person will need to immediately realize that this car has a unique engine. The sound is angry, deep and not very Dino-ish. Lee took an F40 block (2.9L), removed the turbos, bored it from 2.9 to 3.6L and added twin banks of velocity stacks. This is a naturally-aspirated screamer that combines modern performance with the Dino’s ageless style in a package that doesn’t compromise on either end.

Turn up the volume and sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to support the folks that put this together and check out the full behind the scenes story at Petrolicious, with cool commentary and a full gallery of amazing images.