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VIDEO: Pushing the McLaren570S Beyond its Limits

VIDEO: Pushing the McLaren570S Beyond its Limits

Pushing the McLaren570S Beyond its Limits

After the disappointing success of the MP4-12C, McLaren made a serious effort into changing the reputation of their supercars. It’s not that their cars lacks power or handling, their cars just fail to excite or impress most people.

But McLaren is hoping to change things around with their new offerings, the 675 LT, the P1 GTR and the entry-level 570s model.

It’s rather foolish to question the capabilities of a 570 PS (562 hp) supercar worth $200k. Woking wants you to know that if you seriously push the 570S beyond its limits, the car will unlock its full potential. But of course, it would be only wise to do this on a track, not on a public road.

Chris Goodwin, the chief tester of the McLaren 570S said that, pushing the car beyond its limits allows you to do whatever you want it to do while having fun at the same time. You can burn as many sets of tires you can want as long as you still want it to go. Just bring your 570S to a track, turn off the ESP and you’ll be ready to go.

Since we have tested the 570GT which we think is a bit better, we can’t argue about what Chris Goodwin has to say about pushing the McLaren 570S beyond its limits. We think that 570S will definitely make people excited about this news, even though it is dubbed as the entry-level model.