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McLaren 600LT

Video Roundup: Lotus 79, Chris Harris on the Cybertruck, and McLaren 600 LT

These are the Video You Need to See

Every couple of weeks, I like to look through the videos that are on YouTube and pull the ones that stand out the most to me from a supercar and sports car perspective. Here are some of the best videos I could find from the last few weeks. These span a wide variety of topics but are put out by some of the best YouTube folks out there.

Chris Harris and the Lotus 79

There are a few things in this video that we love. The first is the Lotus 79 the second is the beautiful views of the car as shot and presented by BBC’s Top Gear and Chris Harris. The Lotus 79 is a car that took motorsports and automotive technology in general to all new heights. This vehicle is a truly special car and Chris Harris shows us just how special it is.

Chris Harris on the Tesla Cybertruck

We know the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t really a supercar, but Elon Musk did say it’s as fast as a Porsche, which is questionable. When we saw this video of Chris Harris discussing the vehicle, we thought we had to share it with you. He, like us, thinks the Cybertruck is bonkers, but he also thinks that Musk will put out an electric truck and that you can never rule out the Tesla CEO, who seems to be able to make the impossible possible.

EVO and the McLaren 600LT

EVO Magazine puts out some amazing content on YouTube and the publication has actually crowned the vehicle its 2018 Car of the Year. Recently, though the publication took the McLaren 600LT to the Anglesey Circuit in the UK. The team has put out another of its Leaderboard videos to showcase just how good this car is. They wanted to do this before the 2019 Car of the Year awards were given out, and boy the 600LT doesn’t disappoint.

Automotive Affairs Looks at Crazy Supercars of Dubai

Are you just looking for some amazing supercar eye-candy? If that’s the case, Automotive Affairs has the video for you. This video showcases some amazing cars that were seen in Dubai recently, including a Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Bugatti Chiron, Jannarelly Design-1, and much, much more. Get your dose of beautiful machines right here.