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Watch the Honda RA272 Accelerate With It's 1.5L V12 Engine

VIDEO: Watch the Honda RA272 Accelerate With Its 1.5L V12 Engine

Watch the Honda RA272 Accelerate With Its 1.5L V12 Engine

Honda had only started developing automobiles for a couple years when they entered the Formula 1. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda, decided to enter F1 in 1861 after his motorcycles started to make a name in the Grand Prix; claiming win after win. Soon after that, the Honda RA271 came out and was then followed by the succcesful Honda RA272. The Honda RA272 at that time was considered to be technically advanced with a 48-valve 1,495.28 cc V12 engine (58.1 x 47.0 mm), a water-cooled, transversely mounted unit which reportedly gave 230 bhp (170 kW) at 13,000 rpm. The engine can go as much as 14,000 rpm which is considered to be extraordinary for an engine made in the 1960s . As a result, the Honda RA272 had a staggering acceleration and would often lead the race into the opening lap after leave the stationary starting grid. During the 1965 Mexican Grand Prixfrom, the Honda Ra272 lead the race from start to finish, making it the first Japanese car to win a F1 Grand Prix.