Villa d’Este Concepts

While the Villa d’Este Concours is steeped in tradition, it still embraces modern design concepts and upcoming models like it has from the beginning.

Zagato are choosing to champion their latest car at the upcoming Concours which will be their fourth release in a one year span. This time, it’s a new Maserati GranSport with a specially-designed aluminum body. This Maserati isn’t the first to be bodied by Zagato, as the 1954 A6G54 was one of the marques most prolific sportscars. They also collaborated on the odd-ball Maserati 450S Costin-Zagato Coupe.

Another car which should be at the show is the SpadaConcept Codatronca which also has ties to Zagato. It’s the work of Ercole Spada who designed many of Zagato’s best post-war cars. Unfortunately, the two parties have split and the Codatronca might be Ercole’s sweet revenge. It’s his most radical design to date, fitting somewhere between the Batmobile and Darth Vader.