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Watch a LaFerrari Get Wild in the Rain

Would You Take a LaFerrari Rallying?

In what appears to be a pretty unorganized event where supercars take on various wet roads, grass, and giant puddles, a YouTuber followed a LaFerrari as it took on roads and weather conditions that would surely keep most Ferrari owners indoors. According to Carscoops, the YouTuber was TheTFJJ, but the video included in the article was from a channel called ItsFrankMemes. No matter what channel is ultimately responsible, we’re glad this footage exists. 

The LaFerrari wears a license plate that’s very fitting. It says simply WTF1. We assume the standard WTF was taken when he went to the BMV. While that’s a shame, what isn’t a shame is the footage of this very expensive car sliding around on wet pavement, powering through muddy puddles like a low-to-the-ground 4X4, and slipping around on some wet and muddy grass. 

It’s a hilarious and maddening sight to see, especially, when the LaFerrari does donuts in a grassy field as sheep look on. While we’re not sure we’d ever do this with a LaFerrari or any car nearing its price and performance, we have to give a nod of appreciation to the owner. The grassy scenes are a bit hard to watch, but we love that he took the LaFerrari out in the wet for some fun. 

The car owner’s identity was not disclosed, but we know he’s either totally crazy or very cool. Likely both. You can check out the full video below.