Watch Brand Bell & Ross Creates Supercar


Watchmaker Bell & Ross has already proven itself as a brand that thinks outside of the box. The fine folks at B&R lifted the lid on their stunning concept car the Aero GT. How else do you as a watch brand steal the spotlight from the biggest watchmakers of the year? Build a concept car.


B&R revved up its twin-turbo 4.2-litre V8 engine, ground its gears and spewed exhaust from its aviation inspired twin outlets in the face of the competition, all while promising to hit 60 plus mph in less than 3 seconds. And the result is as expected, the stuff of fanboydom. Tongues wagged, selfies clicked, and mouths gaped in the kind of slow motion awe that only fantasies inspire when the concept first appeared at last year’s Baselworld.  And that is just what the Aero GT is, a fantasy made real. 

The Aero GT Concept from Bell And Ross. Photo courtesy of Bell And Ross.


Now while Bell & Ross are not new to venturing into the realm of concept transport (they rendered the BR Motorbike in 2014 and the Nascar Racer), in 2016 at Baselworld they took their first bold steps to go completely in the direction of a concept car for the masses.  


Bell And Ross Aero GT concept sketch. Photo courtesy of Bell And Ross.

What threads the Aero GT to its predecessor the BR Motorbike and equally B&R’s line of timepieces is the brand’s love affair with aviation. The Motorbike was dubbed an aviation motorbike, pulling elements from the engineering and svelte silhouettes of jets. The Aero GT is no different with its aerodynamic lines unabashedly rendered to evoke a fighter jet, its wheels like that of turbine vanes, and a place for driver and passengers that resembles a cockpit. The concept clocks in with 602 horsepower and eight speed automatic transmission. And the sturdy body is conjured in carbon fiber and aluminum. So it tips the scales at nearly 3000 pounds.


But what does that mean for car aficionados salivating over the thought of getting the keys to the Aero GT? It’s likely to never happen. While the concept did make an appearance at Baselworld, B&R is turning the consumer’s attention to the accompanying Aero GT watch. And somewhere Mercedes, Aston Martin, BMW and Bugatti are all breathing collective sighs of relief at knowing that they won’t have to make room for another head turning concept car on an already crowded showcase stage. 

Bell and Ross Aero GT. Photo courtesy of Bell And Ross.


While the Aero GT won’t be on market and ready for your garage, B&R is positioning its luxury timepiece the BR 03 AeroGT for your wrist. Meanwhile there’s good chance the Bell & Ross  will be making a few of the motor, jewelry and watch shows throughout the year should you want to see the brand’s lookbook and concepts up close.