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Watch this Bugatti Chiron’s Dashboard Acceleration

The Bugatti Chiron carries a 8 litre W16 quad-turbocharged engine, though it is heavily updated. The Chiron has 1,479 bhp and 1,600 N·m (1,180 lb·ft) of torque starting from 2000 rpm.
The Chiron will accelerate from 0–100 km/h (60 mph) in under 2.5 seconds according to the manufacturer, 0–200 km/h (120 mph) in under 6.5 seconds and 0–300 km/h (190 mph) in under 13.6 seconds. The Chiron’s top speed is electronically limited to 420 km/h (260 mph) for safety reasons.

Get pumped as we give you a close look at this supercar’s onboard acceleration from Bugatti!