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Ford GT 300 mph
Image from M2K Motorsports

Watch From Inside the Car as M2K Motorsports’ Ford GT Hits 300 MPH

This Looks Insanely Fast Because It Is

Recently we reported on how M2K Motorsports beat the 300 mph speed barrier for a road car in its 2006 Ford GT. The car did so at the Texas Mile event held at an airport runway in Texas. The car put the likes of Koenigsegg and Hennessey in its rearview mirror, so to speak, by making the run so quickly. It’s also apparent that it could have gone much faster on a longer runway.

Anyway, the video of the 300 mph Ford GT was cool, but now there’s a new video posted by the guys that made it happen of the car making its run. The video was shot behind the dashboard of the car. You get to see the vehicle make the run in all of its glory. It’s a thing worth watching, and what a thing it is.

The car’s 5.4-liter V8 engine makes around 2,500 hp. It takes the GT only about 8 seconds to hit 124 mph. At 13 seconds the car is at 200 mph. At 17 seconds it soars past 253 mph, which is the top speed of a Bugatti Veyron. At 22 seconds after it began its journey, the car hits 300 mph. 

Of course, the car is far from stock. It’s been heavily modified by the M2K Motorsports team. However, it’s still street legal, and that means it wins the 300 mph crown. You can watch the full video below.