Watch Over a Dozen Pagani Supercars Take on the Monza Circuit

Beautiful Sights and Beautiful Sounds

The Pagani Raduno is an annual gathering of Pagani cars, and this year it ended at the Monza circuit for a private track-day event. This meant there would Zondas and Huayras ripping around the famous racetrack, their owners challenging the cars and pushing them to their limits. It’s always nice to see these super-fast and super-expensive cars be used for what they were designed for.

There were plenty of road-legal Zondas and Huayras but there were also two Zonda Revolucions. These cars are special because they’re track-only versions of the vehicle. They come with a special 7.3-liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine that sounds like nothing else you’ll hear.

One owner even brought a Pagani Cinque Roadster. Pagani only made five of these units, so the fact that the owner was willing to take it out on the racetrack and see what it’s able to do is amazing and honestly pretty brave. According to Carscoops, these cars are now valued at around $5 million, which means a mistake would be especially costly.

You can watch the whole video below. It was shot by the popular YouTube Channel effspot, and runs an even 15 minutes long. While that’s on the longer side for a YouTube video, we couldn’t get enough.