Bentley Pikes Peak

Watch Rhys Millen Drive the Bentley Continental GT on Its Record Setting Run

As Close as You’ll Get to the Real Deal

We reported on the fact that Rhys Millen drove the Bentley Continental GT at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and set a new record for production cars. The time he posted was 10:18.488, which is insanely fast. Millen smashed the previous record by almost eight and a half seconds, proving not only that the Bentley Continental GT is a killer machine, but that he is an absolute madman behind the wheel. 

Before today, we only saw images and some quick videos outside the car. Now we have the real deal dashcam footage, which was posted to YouTube by Bentley. In it, you can follow Millen’s path up the roughly 12.4-mile course up the mountain.

The video is harrowing stuff. You’re bound to pucker up more than once. What’s surprising about Millen’s run is just how smooth he is along the course. It’s also important to note that Millen did this run in the Continental GT not too long after Ducati’s racer Carlin Dunne tragically perished while taking on the course on the company’s latest prototype motorcycle.

To get after it this hard after one of your colleagues has just met his unfortunate demise is truly brave. It’s unclear if Millen knew about Dunne’s death before he laid down this run, but no matter what his display of guts and skill is noteworthy.