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BMW M5 drag race

Watch the BMW M5 DMS and the BMW M5 Competition Pack Go Head-to-Head in a Drag Race

How Much Does the Horsepower Matter?

The BMW M5 Competition Pack is a seriously fast car. It has 616 hp and is a true sports sedan. So, there’s no need for more power, right? Wrong. The BMW M5 DMS ups the ante to 774 hp. That’s about a 160 hp bump up, and that’s quite a lot. It’s enough to feel the difference, but what does that look like in terms of straight line speed?

Well, Rory Reid of Top Gear decided to find out. He took the two cars to an airfield in the UK and decided to set up a little drag race to see how much faster the DMS version of the M5 really is. We won’t spoil the results. We’ll let you watch the video of the cars doing their thing below. 

Now that you’ve seen the video, you can see how much of a difference it makes. Honestly, it’s a notable impact, but if you’re planning on using the car primarily as an everyday car, then we’re not sure the extra $3,000 for the DMS version of the M5 is worth it. 

There’s a lot of things to love about the M5 Competition Pack, and 160 hp bump for $3,000 isn’t enough to make us think it’s worth it. Still, if you want the fastest M5 on the road, it’s clear which car you should buy.