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McLaren Senna

Watch the McLaren Senna Drive Around Regular Roads Then Honor Senna’s Legacy

A Fitting Tribute to the Man Who Inspired the Car

Henry Catchpole of Carfection takes the McLaren Senna on a drive through some British B-roads and around the countryside to see just how good the car actually is on the road or if it works at all. The McLaren Senna is a beast of a machine, and at first glance, you might expect it to not fit in on country roads. While it looks a little silly as Catchpole finds out, it’s actually reasonably well-suited for them.

Catchpole also digs into the history of the man the car is named after. He discusses his time spent living in England and how he managed to shock the world at Donington. The film seeks to honor one of Senna’s greatest ever moments, and one of the best moments in motorsports history—his iconic lap in the wet at the track and his subsequent win in an amazing fashion.

What’s interesting about the film is that it hits on what was important about Senna. Also important is how the new car named after him and driven on this track 25 years after his death works to encapsulate all that he was known for in the world of F1. The film is a heartfelt and well-produced one, and it’s worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch it.