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Why is a Bugatti so expensive?

We all know a Porsche, a Ferrari, and a Lamborghini are expensive supercars, but their MSRP is nothing compared to what hypercars demand, like a Bugatti for instance, but why does a car like a Chiron, Divo, Centodiece or LaBolide has to be a multi-million dollar car? CarWOW did some investigating into the world of bespoke builds ‘made in Molsheim’, and one of the reasons just has to be that W16 engine, 16 cylinders, four valves per cylinder, two injectors per cylinder, and not one, not two, but four relatively big turbos that run at a rather low psi.

Come to think about it, rumor had it Bugatti actually lost money on the Veyron, the massive cost of development wasn’t recuperated by the sales of the first modern-day Bugatti hypercar, if the Chiron, with only 500 units built has actually made Bugatti a profit is very likely, and that is probably another reason why a Chiron is so expensive, before options, and then you get into Divo, Centodiece, and La Bolide, with their extremely limited production numbers, Bugatti still spends a fortune during their development to make sure their high-net-worth clients get the ultimate in performance, luxury, and quality.

Check out Mat’s video below for some more insights into the world of Bugatti hypercars … and he does mention: ‘if you have to ask the price …’, which is still true in this day and age.