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Porsche Taycan Turbo S on mountain road

Why would you swap a Porsche Taycan for a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso?

Famous UK YouTube star Shmee150 recently sold his amazing looking dark green wrapped Porsche Taycan Turbo S as his daily driver and replaced her with a beautiful dark blue Blu Pozzi Ferrari GTC4 Lusso powered by a gas-guzzling V12 engine … and he states this petrol has a less environmental impact globally when compared to his all-electric EV Porsche … how does he explain that?


The Porsche Taycan Turbo S owned by Shmee150 – photo copyright Shmee150

Legislation all-around the world is making owing an ICE car more and more difficult over the years to come, and we all have to buy a hybrid or even an all-electric EV car within a decade or so it seems, but are our beloved V12 super- and hypercars so bad for the environment … and are EV cars the perfect answer … Tim asks himself how ‘green’ electric cars really are.

Tim just bought another Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – photo copyright Shmee150

And he actually talks about the fact that he’s a petrolhead, and to be honest, so are most of us I guess, at least I am a firm believer there will always be a place for V12 supercars, and the fact that at this point in time, the overall global impact of building an EV car and having to charge it with electric power that isn’t always going to be renewable, has such a massive impact, that you should drive it up to 90,000 miles to offset the additional impact from a V12 supercar, with the latter also having to be driven 90,000 miles or more over that same period of time.

And this is where things get more interesting to buy a V12 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso it seems, as you’ll most likely even come close to driving that kind of miles on the car to warrant going for an EV instead, and let’s face it unless most governments start offering a lot more charging points, you’ll still be a lot faster filling up with by now expensive fuel compared to sitting at a charging point for 30 minutes to several hours if there’s a queue, bet let’s take a listen to Tim Shmee150 view on this:

So I think that for the foreseeable future a nice V12 or V10 supercar is just fine, and really switching to EV cars completely will still be many years into the future … but the tipping point will come, that’s for sure.