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Bugatti Divo Deliveries

Will Rimac Aquire Bugatti?

Bugatti Says ‘No Comment’

Bugatti and Rimac are two names at the top of the supercar world right now, and soon they could become one. The word is that VW Group wants to get rid of Bugatti in exchange for a larger piece of Rimac. 

While nothing is set in stone just yet, the rumor is that VW executives have already approved the deal. The supervisory board still needs to sign off, though.

This is a surprising bit of news. Carscoops reached out to Bugatti and received a reply that Tim Bravo, Bugatti’s head of communication, is “not commenting” on the rumor.

This would make a lot of sense for both automakers. Rimac would get the revered Bugatti name to do with it what it wishes and take the automaker into the EV age. VW would be able to simplify its portfolio of brands a bit—something it has been rumored it would like to do for some time.

The VW Group owns many brands, and Bugatti is just one that it will likely offload in the coming years. Rumors of Ital Design, Bentle, and Ducati, all have swirled in the past, and while Bugatti is surprising, it also further shores up the group’s foothold in Rimac (Porsche currently owns 15.5 percent).

The real question here is: How much of Rimac does VW Group want in return for Bugatti? Rimac doesn’t want to give away too much of the company, and VW isn’t going to give Bugatti away for a paltry couple percentage points. It will be interesting to see this story develop further.