You Missed Out On Buying this 1975 Beradino at Saturday’s Auction


A Truly Versatile Sports Car

Anything can happen at a car auction. A man or woman can find the car of their dreams, such as this 1975 Beradino. The gorgeous car recently sold at a Coys’ auction on August 3. The auction was set against the backdrop of the Classic Days at Schloss Dyck in Germany. Many great cars were sold, but the Beradino is the one that stands out to us. 

The Beradino was created by JP Paulussen in the 1960s. It was supossed to be timeless and classic all at once. We think he pulled it off. It was also supposed to be highly versatile. It offers a fastback shape, a notchback, and a convertible. All of these shapes are offered in one car, and the owner can change the shape in a matter of minutes.

Powering the vehicle is a flat 6-cylinder Porsche 911 engine from that same era. The car also received Porsche 911 brakes and electronics, so, as you can imagine, it’s a quick and fun car to drive. 

The particular car that was sold at auction on August 3 is German registered. Coys’ didn’t disclose the chassis number in its listing of the car online. It sold for €110,779 (about $124,000).