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Zenvo reveals the Aurora Agil and Aurora Tur, their new V12 280 mph hypercar

We’ve most likely already seen the Zenvo TSR-S with her impressive rear wing movements, and now it’s time for this Danish company to take things to the next level, their second chapter so to speak, with the all-new Aurora, the most powerful Zenvo ever made boasting a total power output of no less than 1,850 hp, part of that comes from a massive 6.6-liter MAHLE V12 quad-turbocharged engine, the rest is thanks to additional hybrid power courtesy of a lightweight electric motor.

There are two versions of the Zenvo Aurora planned, the Agil, and the Tur, which translates into Agile and Touring, the Agil being the most aggressively styled one while the Tur is more traditionally styled, but the numbers are extremely impressive nonetheless: 0 to 62 mph in just 2.3 seconds and a top speed of a staggering 280 mph, that’s 450 km/h for the metric countries, and while the Agil only puts 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs) on the scales thanks to a stripped-down approach, the more comfortable Tur comes with four-wheel drive thanks to two 200hp electric motors added to the front axles, otherwise the Aurora Agil is rear-wheel-drive only.

Note that there will only be 50 units built for each model, starting in 2025 with the first customer cars ready for delivery by 2026, no word on pricing yet, but expect a 7-figure MSRP for such an amazing car, let’s take a look at the videos below before we publish an in-depth review with tons of photos:

The official video from Zenvo Automotive:

Naturally, Shmee150 was also invited to do an early reveal of this new car, his personal Viola Zenvo is probably one of the most famous in the world after all: