1933→1934 Delage D8-15

1933→1934 Delage D8-15

1933→1934 Delage D8-15

Having a 2.6-liter engine, the Type D8.15 was a smaller version of the 4-litre Delage that shared the Series S and Series N chassis. It was tax rated in France at 15CV which made it cheaper to run than the larger version.

Our feature car was sold by Artcurial as part of the Baillon Collection. It features exceedingly rare two-door sedan body by Autobineau to a design by Letourneur & Marchand. Equipped with its original 2.6-liter engine,it sold for €125,160.
Story by Richard Michael Owen

In Detail

typeSeries Production Car
production years1933 – 1934
built atFrance
displacement2668 cc / -1.0 in³
specific output29.99 bhp per litre



Auction Sales History


1933→1934 Delage D8-15

1930 Delage D8-15 S Coach Autobineau 39089 – sold for €125,160

Was part of the collection of Roger Baillon. Coachwork by Autobineau and not by Delage according to Daniel Cabart and Claude Rouxel. still equipped with its original engine. The interior is damaged, with a few cobwebs, but it seems complete, with none of those superb Jaeger instruments missing. The odometer shows 48,903km. At the rear we can see a former Parisian registration number, that of 4235 DR 75 and the body also seems very complete with its spare wheel, as a part of the complete set of five spoked wheels.

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