1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight

Sold as part of the Ellis Collection at Dana Mecum’s 2009 Original Spring Classic Auction for $150,000 USD. Described as “By mid-year 1962, the powers at Ford fully recognized that in spite of the fact that their cars were performing well, they were still at a great weight disadvantage. It was bad enough that the GM offerings were lighter than the Fords, but the Chrysler products with their uni-body construction were in a different league while remaining in the same class. In an effort to gain equality, the construction of approximately 11 cars for drag-racing competition was ordered.

These 11 cars began life as 1962 Galaxie two-door sedans that were manufactured at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan, assembly plant. Vehicle identification numbers indicated that all were August 1962 produced “G” code 406/405 equipped. Lacking a sound deadener and seam sealers, the cars were delivered to the Experimental Vehicles Garage for additional modifications.

Fitted with aluminum front bumpers, fiberglass front fenders and trunk lids, the “lightweights” shed hundreds of pounds. Inside the car’s accessories such as the radio and heater were eliminated. Lighter bucket-style seats replaced the stock bench.

1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight

These special vehicles were delivered to the following racers Dick Brannan, Jerry Harvey; Phil Bonner (two cars, the second of which, this 1962 Galaxie lightweight 2W51G156035, was that car as a replacement for the heavily damaged first one he received.) Ed Martin For, Tasca Ford, Gas Ronda, Les Ritchey, Bob Ford, Jim Price and Jerry Alderman. Ownership of the cars was transferred to the respective racer for the sum of a dollar, thus relieving Ford Motor Company of any liability.

These cars, from a Ford sponsorship level had a relatively short career. This was verified by the famous racer (and 1962 recipient) Gas Ronda that stated he was pleased with the car’s performance, but lamented the late delivery stating, “By the time we got the 1962 lightweights it was already time to start working on the 1963 cars.” Many of these 62 lightweights frames ended up under 1963 bodies.”

Story by 2008 Mecum Auction Inc.

1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight 1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight 1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight 1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight 1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight 1962 Ford Galaxie 427 Lightweight

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