1992 DP 962

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - DP Motorsport

DP Motorsport, under the watchful eye of Ekkehard Zimmermann was the first company to covert the largely successful Porsche 962 into a road car. The conversion took over 1000 hours provided the owner had one of the 150 Porsche 956/962s as a base. Zimmermann spent 6-months developing this car which raised the headlights, added mirrors, reduced the A-pillars for vision and added four catalysts for exhaust emissions.

Only three 962 have been completed one in black with an orange 'RS Tuning' sticker, 1 green , 1 silver. Pictures of both the Black and Silver DP 962s have appeared on the internet.

Please feel free to send us a message if you have any more information concerning the DP Motorsport 962. You can reach their website at: http://www.dp-motorsport.de/, if you speak German or know these guys, maybe you can help us out.

Story by Richard Owen for Supercars.net


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