1962 Ferrari 250 GT Bertone Coupé

Above Images ©Carrozzeria Bertone Archives

Bertone was one of the few great Italian design houses that didn't establish any great relationship with Ferrari. Instead, Bertone focused on Alfa Romeo but a few distinct projects between Ferrari and Bertone did get finished.

3269GT is one of three custom Ferraris to receive bodywork by Bertone. It reflects Ferrari's F1 styling for the period and also uses design traits from the DB4 Bertone Jet.

Supposedly Nuccio Bertone couldn't drive a Ferrari with anyone else's coachwork and also couldn't resist marque's allure. At the time Pininfarina was doing the bulk of the 250GT bodies for Ferrari, so maybe this was Nuccio's distinct way of motivating a more serious relationship.

This showcar was Nuccio Bertone's personal transportion; he ordered and paid for the chassis huimself. When delivered, Ferrari wrote "your thoughts and words are the unmistakable signs of a man gripped by the same passion that has led me to where I am today"¹

Bertone who was not a stylist had Giorgetto Giugiaro pen the design for his Ferrari. Built under the supervision of Giacinto Capogna at Carozerria Bertone,¹ the result was stunning and debuted at the 1962 Turin Motor Show.

The car has undergone two restorations since new. During last paint job in 1996, the bodywork received a deep blue hue. Before then, the car was silver.

Sources & Further Reading

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Story by Richard Owen


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