1936 Mercedes-Benz W25 Rekordwagen

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - DaimlerChysler Classic

This record car, fitted with a 1935 standard W 25 chassis, was a unique custom version. This was the first time in automobile manufacturing that a chassis was faired with a fully streamlined body, including the wheels and the car underbody. In the wind tunnel of the Friedrichshafen Zeppelinwerke, the body was measured as to its aerodynamical characteristics and improved accordingly. This car paved the way to the consequent application of aerodynamics in motor-vehicle construction. It was powered by the well-tried engine MD 25 DAB, which had initially been developed for the 750 kilogram car but turned out to be too heavy for it. An engine of this type was used also in the 1937 Avus race, the fastest race in the world; that engine had an output of 756 hp. The 1936 record car had a lower engine output, only 616 hp, but this was sufficient to establish a world record. -- DaimlerChrysler


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