2002 Alpina Roadster V8

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Located in the Upper Bavarian town of Buchloe, ALPINA was established in 1964 as an official and approved ennobler of BMW automobiles. Alpina's tradition is to take production BMWs and make them even more appealing to connoisseurs of automotive finery. Alpina's treatments include not merely cosmetic modifications but also a palette of powertrain and chassis refinements that consistently enhance BMW models' already formidable road capabilities within a context of thorough engineering and mature character.

To celebrate the tremendous success of the Z8 Roadster, BMW has partnered with Alpina to create an exclusive and unique rendition of this contemporary classic. Production of the Alpina Z8 will be limited to 555 units worldwide.

The roadster builds upon the dynamic performance, styling and driving dynamics of the classic BMW Z8 Roadster. Most notably, the exclusive vehicle offers the spirit of the BMW Z8 with an automatic transmission. Those who prefer the driving comfort of an automatic transmission will enjoy the smooth, fast and simple Alipna Switch-tronic gearshifts which allow the driver to shift gears as desired, or not shift gears at all. Complimenting the automatic transmission, the roadster also comes with a 4.8 liter Alpina V8 engine, offering 375hp and a different, more discreet style of outstanding performance.

Other distinguishing features of the Alpina V8 include 20 inch Alpina alloy wheels with 255/35 front 285/30R rear performance tires, metallic paint finish including the hardtop (Black softtop), ALPINA softouch interior trim parts with Crema Full Nappa Leather Upholstery and a plaque with the production number located on the rear interior panel.

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