2003 Ascari KZ1

2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1
2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1 2003 Ascari KZ1

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During two days in September 2003, a new legend was born with the reveal of the new Ascari KZ1 at Race Resort Ascari in Southern Spain, the worlds first Race Resort. The guests exclusively invited to this spectacular introduction experienced something that all car lovers around the world dream of. Who would not revel at the chance of getting behind the wheel of such an elegant and powerful machine? The Ascari KZ1 was designed and developed to achieve supercar performance with a race-bred aerodynamic package, whilst also incorporating a carbon fibre chassis and body, and using technology which is employed by many of today's leading Formula 1 and Sports car teams.

With its 6-speed manual transmission and central carbon fibre honeycomb monocoque structure, the new KZ1 can reach a speed of 0-100 km/h (0-60mph) within 4 seconds and climb to a top speed in the region of 200 mph (320 km/h), propelled by its powerful 4941cc engine.

The Ascari KZ1 is available in two forms: the luxury sports coupe, which will have the full specification, and the Ascari KZ1-R, which is a more focused track version. It will not only perform well against other cars in its class, but will also be at home in slow speed traffic, cruising the open road, the motorway or on closed circuits.

The KZ1-R has a gutsier race appearance and interior to match and will be even more adapted to high-speed racing and track performance. Still suitable for normal road driving, the KZ1-R will have the basic necessities on board to enable top performance from both car and driver, but will still look every bit a first-class supercar.

The Ascari designers, engineers and technicians are well experienced in building, maintaining and fine-tuning high-tech sports cars and Formula 1 cars. The KZ1 project is being overseen by Dave Minter, formerly with Lotus, who has more than 25 years' experience within the British Sports Car industry.

Only a limited number of the Ascari KZ1 will be produced, despite the growing demand, and the first production models will be released towards the end of 2003. The KZ1 is a part of the unique racing package that is offered to new members of Club Ascari, also including exclusive privileges at Race Resort Ascari.

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