2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept

2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept 2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept 2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept 2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept 2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept 2005 AC Schnitzer M6 Tension Concept

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The New AC Schnitzer Tension,based on the BMW M6, is being shown by AC Schnitzer at the IAA 2005 as a concept car.

The basis for the extensive conversion could only be one vehicle: the 507 HP BMW M6, which underwent a performance upgrade as the first development stage. By optimising the entire engine and assosiated systems, AC Schnitzer help the Tension achieve an incredible 552 bhp (406 kw).

Even more imposing than the pure engine power is the maximum torque of 540 Nm at 6200 rpm, which pushes the driver back in the seat and catapults the Tension explosively to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

The AC Schnitzer Vmax delimiter means that the acceleration can continue to 325 km/h before the speedo needle can relax. Conversely, tremendous forces are also necessary to bring the Tension back to a standstill.

To achieve good deceleration values, the AC Schnitzer high performance braking system features 8-pot fixed calipers and larger discs behind the front wheels.

The Tension is fitted with 20 inch wheels all round. These lightweight forged wheels, with bi-colour finish, offer a reduction in weight despite being the largest possible diameter. They are wrapped Michelin Pilots measuring 285/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR 20 respctively.

AC Schnitzer's engineers put particular importance on optimum chassis set-up. In the Tension, driving dynamics are improved with the adjustable AC Schnitzer racing suspension. As well as lowering by the car by 30 mm, the spring and damper rates have been clearly modified towards sporting performance. Other improcmenrts include a specially developed strut brace and larger antirolls.

The Tension body conversion is dedicated to optimising aerodynamics. A further focal point of the development was the improvement of the air supply and extraction for the power plant and braking system. The redesigned bonnet, front skirt, striking side skirts, rear skirt and rear diffuser help the Tension look more not only look more powerful, but help the efficiency of the upgraded systems.

The driver of the AC Schnitzer Tension has the option of actively changing the vehicle aerodynamics to suit his needs. This is achieved through two interchangeable carbon diffusers and a quick release rear wing. Both feature with fast action aluminium catches and help the driver chose his or her downforce level.

Painted in two-tone paint Orange Metallic on Carbon Grey the show car nature of the Tension is obvious. AC Schnitzer is currently planning to include a 'softened' version of the systems in Tension for potential customers. This Concept Car, in the equipment level shown at Frankfurt would cost around 260 000 Euros.

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