2002 Mosler MT900 S Photon

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Supercars.net @ 2002 Concorso Italiano

Somewhere in between the Mosler MT900S street car, an the MT900R race car lies this one-of Photon. Since this car was prepared as a barely street-legal race car, it isn't much different than the the same car which raced the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car series. For instance the Photon retains the Lexan windshield, the Hewland straight-cut sequential transaxle and tricky metallic clutch from the Race car.

Mosler built the Photon as a showcase of what can be possible on the road with their platform. Probably the car's highest moment came when it won Motor Trend's 'Speeding' shootout which can be read in the June 2003 issue.

Story by Supercars.net

The Photon can be seen above at the 2002 Pebble Beach Weekend, when it made its debut, probably unknown to the organizers, at the 2002 Concorso Italiano.


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